film and video studies latin american horror and terror parody research

Brief research on movie genres to fill out questions.

Fill the table below with the following information:
1. The 22 Spanish-speaking countries in the world (as a majority language)

For the 22nd country, you do not need to fill out the rest of the table with the other letters because it is not considered part of “Latin America.”

Whether these countries have “developed” or “underdeveloped” film economies.
2 genre films from this country. Explain yourself if you canâ€t find any. Think about why that might be the case. This may require for you to do research on that specific countryâ€s economic and cinematic history outside of genre cinema.
An anxiety you feel is portrayed in the films you listed.
2. Analyze Tigers Are Not Afraid. What cultural anxieties are present? What common Latin American themes or references did you notice? How do you interpret the film? (2 paragraphs minimum)

——————————-1. Give an example of a parody film, a satirical film, and a spoof film.
2. How is What We Do in the Shadows a satire? What commentary is it making? (2 paragraphs minimum)
3. What type of films is the Scream franchise? What is being analyzed in the opening scenes across all four films? If possible, specifically distinguish the difference between each. (2 paragraphs minimum)
4. What is Rocky Horror Picture Show parodying? Analyze the clip (or the film, if youâ€ve seen it in full) to the best of your ability. (1 paragraph minimum)

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