film barefoot gen

The assignment is to watch the film Barefoot Gen, an anime film depicting the true story of a young survivor of the atomic attack on Hiroshima. The film can be found on this Blackboard page and on YouTube here:
You may earn up to 35 points by completing a review of the film.
Paper Requirements
Requirements Are:
– The paper must fill a minimum of 3 pages. It is okay to write over 3 pages.
– Each question is worth 3 points.
– 5 points are assigned to following formatting guidelines.
– The paper must be typed.
– The paper must be double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman Font with 1″ margins
– The review must take up the entire 3 pages. Any text other than your name that does not consist of the review will be deducted from your point total.
– All reviews must be written in complete sentence, paragraph form.
– All outside sources used on the Movie Review must be cited.
– Students may not work together on the movie review.
– All reviews must answer all of the guiding questions.
– All papers must be submitted through Blackboard using Safe Assign by 11:59pm, 05/11/2020.
– Late assignments will not be accepted.

– What is the role of family in Barefoot Gen?
– How does Gen’s father define real courage?
– What role does manhood/masculinity play in Barefoot Gen?
– What is the role of women in Barefoot Gen?
– To you, what is the most striking part of the way the atomic bomb’s detonation is portrayed?
– How are the injured and the dead depicted and treated?
– How do Gen and the Japanese react to Japanese defeat and surrender?
– Describe the role and importance of community after the dropping of the bomb.
– Barefoot Gen is based on true experiences of a young survivor of Hiroshima. Based on the film, what do you think are Gen’s most important memories of the bombing? Why?
– What is your personal experience in watching this movie? In other words, what is the most important thing you have taken away from the film? Why?
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