final project 360

I am completely open to discussing alternative ideas you may have for this project…anything that could be seen as an exploration and development of material you have learned throughout the semester in this course. I want this to be something that is meaningful and worthwhile to you. One of your classmates has already proposed a pretty cool idea of making an illustration as her final project. If you wish to do *anything* other than write a paper, or write a paper using any other kind of prompt, run it past me and we can work together to develop a plan.
1) your choice of cultural context (e.g., media, business, etc.),
2) your research question, (e.g., what are the impacts of redlining on San Diego’s communities today?)
3) a working thesis statement that seeks to answer the research question, (e.g., Based on my research, have found that there are significant lasting impacts on San Diego communities, including but not limited to impacts on schools, air quality, and transportation).
4) a list of sources you plan to use.
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