Apply what you have uncovered through the exercises and forums and your own experience to the problem that you posted in Forum Two and post a 300 word comment on how you would now approach and solve that problem now.
The department under which I work, Wake Island Fire Department, consists of both military and civilian personnel who work together effortlessly to ensure the proper delivery and execution of the services to the community. The management style used by the department can be described as being authoritative/visionary style. The primary objective of the strategy can be stated to be able to offer long-term directives and expectations for the employees (Modern, 2017). The overall outcome of this management style is consistent and peak performance from all the employees. At the top of the management, hierarchy is the Fire Chief, his responsibilities vary from ensuring all the departments are well equipped to ensuring that the departments during audits are performing. The management style he uses is appreciated by the employees as communication is maintained, and the relationship between departments and employees is purely professional (Taucean, Tamasila & Negru-Strauti, 2016).
Though it may sound strict, management allows for informal language to be used among employees, however, all work-related matters must be handled formally. Though it may seem that the Fire Chief is in charge of the majority of the activities, the roles of his office are mainly political. The Assistant Fire Chief is responsible for ensuring that the departments operate effectively in their respective jurisdictions. Depending on the case at hand, the lead role is usually relayed to the subordinates who coordinate themselves to take the problem. According to the feedback received by the community, they appreciate the professionalism and quick response the department has to the amount of work both charity and paid.
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Taucean, I. M., Tamasila, M., & Negru-Strauti, G. (2016). Study on management styles and managerial power types for a large organization. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 221, 66-75.
In my second forum post, I talked about my department’s constant manning shortage. This is because our manning is based on a pre-determined manpower standard. As you might recall, this manpower standard only entitles us to 61-personnel to be unevenly distributed throughout the department. Of the 24-personnel allotted to each shift, 85% are Active Duty Military, who are regularly being tasked to support American interests abroad. Meeting minimum staffing levels is our first priority, but working to prevent the morale from suffering would be a close second.
Given the fact that the Beale AFB Fire Department is attached to the federal government, we are not entitled to federal grant programs like the Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant, or the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG). Additionally, any notion of a volunteer firefighter live-in program would be impossible due to the security measures that exist throughout the installation. For example, these volunteers would not be able to access the base, use any government computer, or purchase anything from anywhere if granted access.
However, one approach is to use the Beale AFB Fire Department as a regional training site for all Air Force Guard and Reserve personnel who have graduated from the DoD Fire Academy and wish to remain on active duty for training purposes. These individuals would participate in a 278-day Seasonal Training Program (STP) that would provide accelerated upgrade training needed to become a fully-qualified as a military firefighter. Naturally, these individuals would be assigned to one of the two operational shifts and perform their on-the-job training in addition to any required upgrade training. What makes this idea even more desirable is that these individuals would not receive a monthly salary from our installation, but rather from money earmarked for the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC).
A second approach is to continue to lobbying Wing Leadership for the approved funding needed to hire four additional civilian firefighters. These civilian firefighters would be temporary hires and work on two-year contracts, which could be extended up to a maximum of six full years with approval. The only problem with this approach would be the extraordinary amount of red tape department leadership would encounter.  However, all of the trouble would be worth it if staffing numbers and shift morale were to increase to desirable levels.
This week is the final week and going back to week two forum. I see that we still have the same challenges here in Japan. The population of the city I live is only increasing. There are still more people here than hospitals. I know when there was a town meeting last month the issue was brought up about having more hospitals being build or pop up shelters for emergency situations. There is land issues with most of Japan already using the land and houses being built on top of each other. The treat of tsunami’s or typhoon always happening makes the public worried. In the other prefectures of Japan when a disaster happens the people lose their homes and moves to places like Yokosuka, Japan to stay areas from areas where these Tsunami’s or Typhoon usually hit. This makes more people having more issues with homes and the government trying to find places for them to live. This is also a concern for how to have resources available for these people. I have seen some smaller hospitals being built on the outskirts of Japan and two new smaller fire stations as well. This is just to help in the case a disaster happens here with the amount of people constantly migrating here. This is not as bad as the population of Tokyo but that is still only 28 miles away from here. We have had a few bad typhoons hit us here in the two years I have lived here but nothing as bad as 2011 Tsunami that hit Japan. I believe the government is trying to do their best in the case of an emergency to protect everyone. I do believe the roads as a major concern since they are still narrow and the amount of people driving around can stop traffic and emergency vehicles from getting to their destination.

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