four 2pages essay 071

This assignment is four 2 pages essay, you need to read articles before write for each one.
This is the first essay:
In a letter written in 1778, Paul Revere recalled his famous midnight ride of 3 years earlier, saying “After I had passed Charlestown Neck [present-day Somerville MA], and got nearly opposite where Mark was hung in chains…” Mark, an enslaved man, had been punished for having murdered his master in 1755 by being garroted—his dead body was publicly displayed in chains for over twenty years, a vivid deterrent against slave rebellion. But, on the eve of Civil War, when poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellowâ€s famous “Paul Revereâ€s Ride” was published in the January 1861 issue of The Atlantic Monthly, all references to Mark hung in chains, and to slavery in the North, were erased from the narrative, and from public memory. 1. Read:Fernandez, Jacqueline. “The Codman Slaves Plot to Kill their Master, 1755.” The Freedom Trail Foundation, (2015),… _englands_hidden_history/.
Ta-Nehasi Coates, “The Case for Reparations,” Atlantic (June, 2014) reparations/361631/.
2. Take notes on each reading.
3. Make sure your notes are correctly cited – “do unto others!”
a. Use quotation marks when you use someone elseâ€s words.
b. Give credit by citing when you use someone elseâ€s ideas.
c. For in-text citations, put the authorâ€s last name, publication
year, and page # if there is one. For Reference List, give
complete citations, following the model of the citations above.
4. Use your notes to answer the questions below. Write at least 4
a. Summarize what you think is most important about the
Codman reading.
b. Summarize Coatesâ€s case.
c. Who writes history? What is remembered, what is forgotten,
and why?
d. what are the political implications of documenting alternate
histories? Can recording the history of long forgotten events, like those documented in these two articles, change the politics of today? How? Argue your point of view as forcefully and persuasively as you can.
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