Free Online ACT Prep

Comparison of Free Online ACT Prep Resources
Hundreds of websites offer free ACT test prep, but not all of them are equal. The majority of ACT prep materials include practice tests without any tutoring or informational content. These sites provide a great resource that get you familiar with ACT testing strategies and topics, but you can also find free or low-cost options that provide the additional education you’ll need to master each subject on the ACT exam.
ACT Official Website
The official registration site for the ACT test offers an array of free study materials to prepare for the test. Students can readily access the following resources.
Preparing for the ACT: This free test prep booklet includes test taking tips, test descriptions, a complete practice test with scoring keys, and a writing prompt. The entire 64-page document is available online in PDF form.
Sample Questions: Site visitors can access free timed and un-timed sample test questions for the core subjects – English, math, reading, and science – as well as one sample prompt for the optional writing test.
ACT Academy: The ACT Academy is an online learning tool that is free of charge. A student just needs an internet connection along with a willingness to learn. The product features include:
Diagnostics to give feedback
Educational games designed with the goal of mastering test content
Options for practicing ACT test sections or the full ACT test
Practice questions that are interactive
A PreACT Test
Resources that can be personalized for each student
Video lessons ACT Test Prep
While the learning platform is not a completely free way to meet all of your ACT needs, if you need more than just practice tests, the site does offer a wide range of affordable ACT test prep materials. The extensive ACT prep courses are available 24/7 to fit your schedule and are mobile-friendly so you can access them from anywhere. They include sample quizzes and video lessons explaining concepts from all of the core test subjects. You can also learn about test-taking strategies, and dedicated educators are accessible for included support and tutoring.
The ACT Prep: Practice & Study Guide offers nearly 300 lessons covering every aspect of the test, scoring rubrics, and registration information. The short video lessons and practice quizzes for English, math, science, reading comprehension, and writing make study time manageable and entertaining.
For detailed lessons on the each of the core subjects and the optional writing test, also offers the following courses:
ACT English Section: Prep & Practice
ACT Math Prep: Review & Practice
ACT Reading Section: Prep & Practice
ACT Science Section: Prep & Practice
ACT Writing Practice Test
Finally, also offers a free ACT tips & tricks resource, no membership required. It covers study strategies and test-taking tips and offers a comprehensive overview of all of the commonly used formulas for the exam. There is also a convenient PDF version to help you study on the go!
ACT Testing Tips
Many of you may be familiar with the SAT and might have even taken that test but are new to the ACT. While these tests are similar, let’s review a couple of notable differences you should keep in mind while taking any practice tests.
First, while the ACT questions can be longer, don’t be intimidated because they are usually straightforward and often a bit easier than some SAT questions.
Second, the math and science questions tend to get tougher as you go along, so consider not spending too much time on the easy questions.
On the other hand, like the SAT, you will be not penalized for guessing incorrectly, so it is best not to leave any answers blank.
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