geogragraphy 1

1. Compare and contrast the following two scenarios in terms of the effect on the subsolar point at the equinoxes and solstices: What would happen if the earth were tilted at 35 degrees? What would happen if the earth were not tilted at all? Consider also the effect of each scenario on the circle of illumination throughout the year.
2. Compare and contrast two samples of air in terms of the sampleâ€s composition, temperature profile and function: Sample A, taken 2 km from the surface of the earth, and sample B, taken at 32 km.
3. Discuss the distribution of land vs water over the surface of the earth. Relate this distribution to global temperature patterns.
4. Relate the Hadley cells to the subsolar point and generalized bands of tropical (wet) and desert (dry) climates.
5. Discuss the conditions necessary for tropical cyclones to form. Why do tropical cyclones hit the east coast of the United States but not the west coast?
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