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1.____ this term is sometimes used to refer to cultural heritage or some shared religious, national identity etc. (EX: Latino ,Irish, Polish, etc.)
2.____ was a pseudoscience practiced in the United States and Europe during the 1920s and 1930s which claimed that negative traits such as criminality and poverty were passed through specific ethnic bloodlines among people of a certain race and could only be bred out or totally eliminated from society through physical segregation and “racial purification.”
3.____this concept can be applied to numerous historical and political events in the Deep South during and prior to Jim-Crow times and the country of South Africa during the Apartheid era.
4.___broadly defined, you are practicing this if you or others believe that one race is naturally superior to another race or you believe that one race is inferior to another race.
5____ a classical functionalist theory in Sociology which sees stratification as something quasi-beneficial to stratification and society. It is a theory very close to supply/demand theory in classical economics. Generally, supporters of this theory view it necessary to reward high skilled jobs with more money and the less skilled or less beneficial jobs with far less amount of money, regardless of any unintended consequences (poverty).
6. ____ by this is considered the most extreme form of poverty.
7.____ this term can best describe Susan who has been an alcoholic and druggie most of her early adult life. Her addiction has finally cost her to be terminated from her part-time job after missing numerous days from her job. Although she has many friends, she refuses help from any of them and ignores their texts and calls.

____a(n) old conflict theory developed by Marx which more or less argues that the modern capitalist system is never able to absorb all of the extra workers and provide them all with wages. As some conflict theorists would also argue that there is an ever increasing desire for higher profits (greed) among the industrialists and owners. Put it simply, waged workers are viewed as too costly. Thus, many modern conflict thinkers (including your professor) believe that with the rise of economic globalization this problem only gets worse forcing thousands of workers to migrate and seek employment elsewhere, often as day-laborers that are paid significantly less than the native workers.

Matt works around 23 or more hours a week at Wal-Mart mostly pushing carts earning him around 17,600 a year (at the most). Because of his low income, Matt can be characterized as ______.

10.$________ is the 2020 (Federal) Poverty annual income requirement for a family with 4 household members. In other words, if the annual income household income earnings fall $ 1 dollar below this amount, one is living in poverty (by federal standards , defined by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services for the 48 states excluding Alaska and Hawaii).
11.______ this term can describe someone like Paula who works as an executive secretary for a multi-million dollar investment firm that speculates in real-estate markets. Her income is a set-salary with full benefits and a nice retirement plan. Most of her daily work duties are non-manual and involve answering emails or communicating with clients.
12.______this term may describe Meghan who wants a new Mercedes SUV, but canâ€t afford the full payments. Hence, instead of just buying a used car she steals and re-sells some jewelry and other expensive items to get cash for a down payment. During the process, she also deceives the car salesperson and claims she has a fake high-paying job and advanced college degrees in order to get the new Mercedes SUV.
13.______ is a former sociologist who in the 1920s devised a technique to measure peoples†social distance from various racial and ethnic groups; the research has been replicated many times since then, with racial or ethnic groups being subjectively ranked with high or low scores.
14.______ is a functionalist sociologist who argued that deviance and crime can be useful to society by affirming cultural values and norms, clarifying moral boundaries, bring people together, and encouraging social change.
15.______ used among more radical feminists, this term also refers to as the social structure of male domination, which is viewed as “the root of womenâ€s oppression and that women are oppressed even in noncapitalist societies.”

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