hist 1301 western expansion contribute to outbreak of civil war

The final paper is a little more complicated and thus worth a few more points. In your final paper you will answer the question…did western expansion of the U.S. contribute to the outbreak of the Civil War? Did the argument of admitting the new states accelerate the oncoming conflict? These are two ways of looking at the same question. The slightly more difficult part is you will defend your answer with examples. The examples I mean are the various laws/compromises/people that affected western expansion of the United States. The annexation of Texas and further west. The Missouri Compromise. Henry Clay. Andrew Jackson. These are just four examples of what I mean when I mention people and actions affecting western movement. The two ideas are directly related. I want to see how you believe these actions coexisted and created reactions. OR maybe you disagree with the concept?
Use quotes and paraphrase to support your opinion. Donâ€t forget to cite any quotes and paraphrases with MLA format.
3-5 pages
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