history questions 69

Unit 9 identifies three challenges to politics in China shared in some ways elsewhere. First, there is the issue of people able to communicate their concerns to the government; this involves channels of communication (and processes for being heard) and government decision-making reflecting peopleâ€s concerns. (“Flying Kites” and “Consultative Leninism” articles) Second, there is the challenge for government of deciding on the common interests of a country in its foreign relations with ties to domestic decision making; the state has to coordinate policies across different bureaucratic groups(Lampton). Finally, there is the issue of how politics uses the knowledge created by science and technical expertise to address peopleâ€s interests (water governance). For each of these challenges, briefly state how Unit 9 material allows you to see how these challenges and Chinese understandings of them in the early 21st century are similar to and different from those of some earlier period in the twentieth century. By “Chinese understandings” I include how officials and/or people in society address the challenges and/or responses either or both find desirable and/or feasible.
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