how culture influence learning style among college students between japan and the united states

Education research Assignment : Find measures related to your research study
Hi! following is my research proposal title and abstract , pls according to this to finish assignment.
How Culture Influence Learning Style Among College Students Between Japan and the United States
Abstract of Proposal
National culture contributes to learning strategies in every country. There are cultural differences between Japan and the United States. Japanese education involves traditional Eastern culture, and American education prefers Western culture. We want to compare and contrast how culture impacts college students’ learning styles in Japan and the United States. The independent variable is the national,l cultures, and the dependent variable is college students†learning style and learning strategies. The operational definition of culture is simply a way of life among groups of people. Culture refers to the attitudes, values, morals, and goals within a society. Learning style and strategies relate to what students are learning, when, and where. College students†learning style correlates with students†life habits, physical environment, and cognitive thinking. The target population will be college students in ICU (Japanese University) and UCI (American University). We will select twenty students from each school. For the twenty students, we will select both gender students from different years and different majors. The variety of students is significant because we want to have students who have different backgrounds.
For this assignment, please find a set of measures based on the constructs you discussed in your proposal.
Please reference the article using APA format, and write the questions you found.
You can find info on how to cite your article in APA format here: (Links to an external site.)
Please include the following
1. List the constructs in your research proposal.
2. In APA format, reference the article you found that has measures related to your construct(s)
2. Questions (If there are more than 5 items in your measure, you only need to write 3-5 of them)
3. Response option type (Nominal, Ordinal, Ratio/Interval, Qualitative) and the specific language (e.g., 1 = strongly disagree, … 5) strongly agree).
2 articles
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