How does the Digital Britain Report relate to the following chapters

How does the Digital Britain Report relate to the following chapters
indicated below? Choose the most appropriate 4 points
Select one or more:
a. The main objective in the Digital Britain report is to secure UK’s position as one of the world’s leading digital knowledge economies- Laudon Chapter 12 focusses on what constitutes a digital firm and the role of Information systems in business today.
b. The Digital Britain report discusses how to provide a favorable climate for investment and innovation in digital content, applications and services. Laudon Chapter 11 and 12 discuss the role of knowledge management and decision support in digital enterprises.
c. In the Digital Britain report, Government departments have invested considerable resources to improving their data handling capabilities and improvements include enhanced technical precautions and has encouraged where in all the sectors industrial, retail, planning, law makers and customers come together to implement this new e-commerce buzz. Umar Chapters 5 and 6 discuss how enterprise applications such as supply chain, customer relationship management and eCommerce systems can help modern enterprises.
d. The Digital Britain report is focused on modernization and digitization of UK on a very large scale. The main objectives, strategies, plans and proposals are discussed in the report. Laudon Chapter 12 defines a digital firm as one in which nearly all of the organization’s significant business relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees are digitally enabled and mediated.
e. The Digital Britain report points out how digital technologies are vital to the billions of transactions carried out each day by the stock exchange and financial institutions and the cash tills are all completely dependent on electronic communications. Laudon Chapter 11 discusses how Information systems automate many business processes. For instance, how a customer receives credit or how a customer is billed is often determined by an information system that incorporates a set of formal business processes.
f. In the Digital Britain report, Government believes piracy of intellectual property for profit is theft and will be pursued as such through the criminal law. Umar Chapter 5 concentrates on Property rights and Intellectual property.
g. In the Digital Britain report the existing IT infrastructure is analyzed and used to formulate a strategy to design and manage the information systems in each department based on their individual requirements. Laudon Chapters 11 and 12 discuss the role of AI, expert systems and DSS in organizations
h. One of the objectives in the Digital Britain report is -Modernizing and upgrading the wired, wireless and broadcasting infrastructure to sustain Britain’s position as a leading digital economy. Umar Chapter 6 discusses ERP systems such as CRM and supply chanin management.
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