hum 130 japanese history

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Although most Americans were shocked by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the outbreak of war between the two countries came as no surprise to many observers of international affairs, and to many historians. Indeed, the war could be seen as the culmination of developments in Japan, and relations between Japan and the West, that can be traced back to the 1850s and the appearance of Commodore Perry in Japan. In an essay discuss how the relationship between Japan and the West, including the United States, developed between the 1850s and the attach on Pearl Harbor. Given what you have studied about Japan and Japanâ€s relations with the West during this period, what might the Japanese or countries such as the United States have done to not lead to war? Use references to the primary sources and specifics in the textbook to back up your analysis.

Here is a checklist to use once as you are writing the first draft of your essays, and after you have written a first draft of your essay as you are doing revisions. Make sure you have all of these points in the essay:

Have a good introductory paragraph
Clearly restate and address the problem/question
Define/clarify key terms
Present your approach to addressing the problem/question
Have a clear, justified thesis
Summarize/evaluate theories of relevant scholars you have read
Use references to the readings
Give examples to illustrate the theories of scholars and your own points
Offer your own appropriate argument in reply to the problem/question
Support our assertions, use a well-reasoned defense of your claims
Offer counter-arguments to your and otherâ€s claims
Defend your argument against possible counter-arguments
Have a good, clear structure to the essay
Use good writing mechanics (spelling, complete sentences, use good paragraphs, etc.)
Have a conclusion/concluding paragraph
Do not argue for a conclusion that you cannot support; better to have a modest point that is made clearly with good reasons and evidence
Show some independent thinking

Here are a few more suggestions for the essay:
1) Make sure the essay addresses the essay problem or question, and that it has a clear thesis.
2) Be as specific as possible in your essay, back up your points with references to the readings in the book, and the readings on the Canvas course site. It is open book so you can use and quote the readings. Use examples.
3) Made sure you back up your points with references to ideas and concepts you have studied so far (for example, “mappo”, “Civilization and Enlightenment”, “imperialism” or “Heian Period.” )
4) Make sure that you define all significant terms, tell your reader what these mean. I know what they mean, but I want to see if you know what they mean.)
5) Give dates and historical context if relevant, for example if you refer to Lady Murasaki say the time period/dates during which she lived. This information is in the book and the Canvas readings.
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