human rights 13

Last week we explored human rights in general terms. This week begins a more in-depth consideration of two of the specific categories of human rights: civil/political and economic/social/cultural.
Civil and political range from participation (voting, speech, press, assembly, etc.) to judicial process rights (innocence, trial, etc.). Economic, social and cultural rights is a broad category encompassing everything from the right to work to freedom of, and from, religion. Marriage, education, healthcare and language are also within this category.
Back on board with the starship Enterpriseâ€s adventures, how do the civil/political rights issues raised in “The Drumhead” episode mirror or contrast with those raised in last week’s episode? In both cases, for example, we have a judicial process playing a prominent role? In fact, there are two competing depictions of civil/political rights. In short, how important is it to have an impartial judicial system free of political machinations or abuse of power?
The Eide article builds on the material in Chapters 2 & 3 of the GHR Reader. He provides a comparative analysis of the two categories of rights and the relative ease or difficulty in implementing and enforcing the ICCPR and ICESCR. He discusses and then refutes the argument that implementing civil/political rights is ‘cheaper†than economic/social/cultural rights. What are your impressions of the costs associated with protecting and promoting civil/political rights compared with economic/social/cultural rights? Finally, are there natural linkages between them – can we find a ‘both/and†rather than ‘either/or†solution?
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