i need an assignment done on building a jgr fantasy team

I have included the attachment that you must use to complete this assignment, this attachment is a requirement. Below is a brief description of what the professor is looking for.

Imagine that you work at JGR. The CEO has tasked you with being the Team Leader for a committee that will plan a one-day summer team-building retreat. All JGR employees will be attending the event. The purpose of the retreat is to foster unity, trust and cohesion between the organizationâ€s employees.
The event will start with a welcome/introduction, then everyone will break out into group team-building sessions. The whole team will reconvene for a company-wide lunch, followed by a keynote speech.
As the Team Leader for the event planning committee, your job is to choose 4 other JGR employees to be on your committee. You may choose from 10 pre-selected candidates.You can learn about your candidates by viewing this weekâ€s Strayer Story and by reviewing their profiles below.
JGRâ€s Chief Operating Officer Coy Gibbs is taking the same challenge! Next week, once youâ€ve completed the assignment, weâ€ll feature a video of Coy revealing who he chose for his fantasy team and you can compare your results to his.

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