i need this paper proof read with correction made

Submission Feedback

So Rodney I know that you are not able to have reliable access to a computer and so I did not give you a zero on this paper although I could have. Your paper has a wealth of solid information about problems American Indians face with substance abuse but you did not cite a single source with a footnote as required in every paper in this class and specifically with this one. See the Important Assignment Submission Instructions above: “2. Your paper must include footnotes to cite all information that is not common knowledge, whether paraphrased (written in your own words) or quoted word-for-word.” When you fail to cite sources with a footnote that is plagiarism Rodney because you are using someone else’s work as though it is your own. Additionally, as I explained in your annotated bibliography, you cannot use Indian American and American Indian interchangeably. Indian American refers to a person of East Indian descent born in America. Rodney I would be happy to change this grade if you can send me an updated version of this rough draft with footnotes instead of in-text parenthetical citations and if you can add footnotes everywhere I have indicated on this attached rough draft. I hope too that your final draft will reflect these changes.

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