important essay draft 1

Choose an issue in higher education that is controversial and take a position on it to argue. It may connect to one of the topics from the class readings such as whether some majors or courses are more valuable than others, whether teaching and assessment practices neglect the needs of some students (such as introverts), or whether the use of technology in the classroom is hindering or advancing learning. Other possible issues might connect to the cost of higher education, the relevance of college curriculum to current jobs, or the college application process.
Your argument should include the following general structure:
Introduction: Briefly define or describe the higher education issue that you are investigating and explain 1) why it is important and 2) what makes it controversial.
Thesis: Assert your position regarding the issue you have chosen to focus on and provide a rationale for this position.
Body: Provide credible evidence that supports your position and refutes opposing arguments. Use appeals (logos, pathos and ethos) to strengthen your argument. Make sure to also acknowledge and respond to the opposing argument/s.
Conclusion: Bring your paper to a satisfactory end by referring again to your position using different wording and emphasizing the relevance of your position to society and your audience.
You are writing for an educated audience and must maintain your credibility throughout the paper. Use evidence from the class readings and credible outside research to support the assertions you make. You may also use personal examples and observations. Use a minimum of four sources. No more than two sources can be from class readings.
This essay will require you to conduct library research and acknowledge sources using the MLA research format. It will also require you to submit two drafts and participate in the class peer review activities.
Length: 4-6 pages (1,200 words minimum) + Works Cited page
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