jmp software nhst and confidence intervals

Module 3 Assignment
In this assignment, you will conduct an analysis of an online advertising campaign using NHST and confidence intervals.
The data is synthetic created by a simulation. But the data resemble what the main issues are at such an online ad campaign.
The assignment is designed with two objectives in mind.

You practice using a statistical software such as JMP to perform a statistical tests and compute confidence intervals.
Practice critical statistical thinking that understands how variation affects our inference from the data, i.e. the more uncertainty the more uncertain the inference which is reflected in larger confidence intervals.

The Excel sheet posted contains the data. Provide an analysis of the data following the guide posted here and using the report template. The template is a word document that can be edited.
Follow the example report for more details.
Prepare the report using the following formatting guidelines:

1 page, single-spaced report using 0.5 margins and two-column format
Include title of report, then FirstName, LastName, ISDS course #, Assignment #, date (00/00/00). No title page!
10 pt Font Calibri or Times New Roman
Justified as sample report
Create headings for each section
List any references used (e.g. Module 1 Resources)
Include a title for your report and create headings for each section
Include supporting relevant figures from the analysis in your Appendix on 2 pages only.
Submit as pdf with filename first name initial last name and assignment number (for instance HSchneider#1)

Be sure to review the Assignment Rubric and Assignment Example attached below.
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