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For this assignment you will review the case, Zappos: Facing Competitive Challenges, and explain how training and development can help this company maintain a “best, online retailer” status. Instructions: After reviewing the Zappos case study (p. 52) and this week’s readings, discuss the following questions: • How can training and development help Zappos meet the challenges of being the best online retailer? • Do you think that employees at Zappos have high levels of engagement? Explain why or why not. • Which of Zappos†ten core values do you believe training and development can influence the most? The least? Why?Requirements: • Include an Introduction to the case study problem. • All works should be written in proper APA format. • Your paper should be 2 pages with additional cover and reference pages. On your cover page, include the name of the assignment, your name, date, and the course. • Use at least two (2) references to support your work. You may use your textbook as a resource.

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