leadership discussion questions 2

Answer the following questions in about one paragraph each
Question 1. Research on leadership has taken a major turn fairly recently to significantly emphasize the embodiment of values and character in one’s leadership. Positive and promising results have been observed when examining the impact of value-based leadership on employee performance. Even more recently, further emphasis has been given to understanding the impact of value-based leadership on employee wellbeing outcomes (e.g., happiness, life satisfaction, stress, burnout, etc.). I’d like you to think about this association – why might value-based leadership boost employee wellbeing? What would drive such a positive association potentially? Alternatively, if you don’t think employees are likely to realize better wellbeing outcomes, offer us a rationale as to why you believe so.
Question 2. After joining an organization as an employee you are likely to always be assessing and observing everything in the first while as an exercise of sorts to make sure things are meeting expectations. As much research as you might have done on the organization while applying and interviewing, nothing compares to experiencing the organization firsthand. Unfortunately, sometimes you join an organization and after a while start noticing a misalignment between your values and theirs. This certainly has been a conundrum for me when it comes to responding to such a realization – on one hand I need the job but on the other I don’t feel good being a part of such a culture, so what’s one to do? I’d like your perspectives on how might cope with such a dilemma, walk us through your handling of such a matter, perhaps?
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