leading ethically and legally at home and abroad

Step 1: Perform Ethical Analysis
Vice President Dodger has provided you with the Electropic LLC case file, which details recent events at Electropic LLC, one of Colossalâ€s technology companies. He has asked you to analyze the legal and ethical aspects of the case. The ethical aspects of the situation seem complex, and you realize that you need a structured way to think through the various resolutions to the case and their implications. You know that there are many different schools of ethical thought and a variety of frameworks or approaches for analyzing ethical problems, but you decide that the best approach to this particular situation is Badaracco’s right versus right framework.
Youâ€ll start by working through the right vs. right ethical analysis, considering the various options for action and the winners and losers for each option. What are your recommendations for the best ethical course of action? Be sure to analyze all four questions and all three tests of Badaraccoâ€s framework.
When you’ve finished analyzing the ethical aspects of this case, continue to the next step, in which you’ll consider any legal issues that could affect your decisions.
Step 2: Perform Legal Analysis
As you continue to sift through and consider all the details of the Electropic LLC case, Vice President Dodger reaches out with an important note:
From: Kenneth Dodger, Vice President, Colossal Corporation
To: You
Just wanted to remind you that in addition to the ethical aspects of the Electropic LLC situation, there may be legal implications that the human resources department needs to account for before moving forward with any plan of action. To that end, youâ€ll need to review any relevant information about fraud and employment at will, that might affect what could or should be done about the situation at Electropic LLC.
When youâ€ve worked through the possible legal implications and arrived at a recommended course of action for Electropic LLC’s HR department, it’s time to present your analyses, recommendations, and action plan in a report.
Please use your outline and research notes to inform the writing of your report.
Thatâ€s all for now. I know this is a tricky case. Thank you for your efforts.
Step 3: Write Your Electropic LLC Report
Use your outline and research notes to prepare your report. Be sure to meet the following requirements laid out by the VP:

Using Badaraccoâ€s right vs. right framework and your legal analysis, prepare a report.
Include APA-formatted in-text citations and an APA-formatted reference list (do not format the body of the report using APA style, just the reference list). See references and citations for details.
Include in your report a detailed analysis of all four questions and three tests of the Badaracco framework; also include an analysis of the legal issues.
Include a specific recommendation on what actions, if any, HR should take based on your legal and ethical analysis and conclusions.
The report should be no more than 10 pages (double spaced, 12-point font; the reference list does not count toward page limit).

Step 4: Review the Global Shippers, Inc. Case File
Now that youâ€ve submitted your response to the Electropic incident, you turn your attention to the Global Shippers case file. The vice president has appointed you to a board of confidential advisors to discuss whether the Global Shippers CEO’s actions were legal and ethical.
You open the file. Reading over the specifics of this situation, you soon understand that the VP is legitimately concerned about the legal and ethical violations.
In the next step, you will gather the information you need to identify important issues for the VP.
Step 5: Gather and Analyze the Information
While you have some general awareness that there are many ramifications of international transactions from legal and ethical perspectives and many cultural differences among countries, you realize that you need to know a lot more about these subjects before you can attempt to respond to the VP’s questions.
Before you begin your research, listen to this introduction to cross-cultural awareness podcast as it relates to working with people from other cultures. Then review the following topics as you work to meet the VP’s request: international business ethics, laws, and regulations, cross-cultural ethical business decision making (specifically focus on the “Ethical Theory in Global Business” resources), and country cultural differences.
Step 6: Engage in the Global Law and Ethics Discussion
Now that youâ€ve gathered information and analyzed the legal and ethical consequences of Manningâ€s actions as outlined in the Global Shippers case file, youâ€re expected to discuss your conclusions and rationales with the board of confidential advisors convened by Vice President Dodger. Two main requirements will structure this discussion:

First, each board member is to post an initial response fully analyzing the following questions:

Were Manningâ€s actions legal under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and what are the possible penalties for violating the act?
Were Manningâ€s actions legal under the UK Bribery Act and what are the possible penalties for violating the act?
Were Manningâ€s actions ethical, particularly in light of differing cultural norms?

When answering these questions, be sure to apply the following guidelines: Provide a full explanation for why all his actions were or were not legal and ethical in your discussion, including a full rationale for each conclusion. This post can be as long or as short as you need in order to effectively make your points.

Second, each member of the confidential board of advisors must provide a substantive response to at least one posting from a colleague in the discussion, critiquing the initial post with rationale based on legal and ethical analysis.

Attached is the case study for step 4 and also resources that may come in handy.
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