lifespan development 5

) What is nature versus nurture?
2) How are a theory and a hypothesis different?
3) What is the significance of Bronfenbrener’s theory todevelopment?
4) Develop your own study utilizing the experimental method.Include what your independent and dependent variables are in the study.
5) What are ethical guidelines that must be followed whenconducting experiments with human subjects?
6) Discuss the difference between the sex chromosomes andautosomes.
7) How does one get a genotype?
8)What is a phenotype? Name a trait that could be considered a phenotype.
9) What aresome risk factors for prenatal development?
10) Discuss
each stage of prenatal development and the significance of each.
hapters 3-5.
11) What are the states of a newborn?
1 2) Newborns have several distinct cries. What are they and when do theyoccur?
13) Provide a link(URL) to a site that discusses why c-sections have become so popular in theUnited States. Also, provide a reference that discusses when c-sections may bemedically relevant.
14) Vygotsky discusses helping children learn using two key concepts, name and define eachof these.
1 5)Discuss the two folded process of adaptation.
16) Discuss how children use parents as a secure base.
1 7) When children develop language they make two distinct errors, discuss them and give anexample of one.
18) Discuss Bowlby’s theory of attachment.
1 9) What is the strange situation?
10) How do fathers attach differently to infants than mothers?
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