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Write between 1500-2000 words TOTAL fromt the nine questions below.Write in complete sentences. Type in 12 pt. font and 2 line spacing in a readable font.
Since the covid 19 pandemic all meetings are online. you can also view the transcript of the meeting. please lmk if you have any questions.
link to the meeting: http://sccgov.iqm2.com/Citizens/Detail_Meeting.asp…
Answer the following questions. But do not include the questions: 1. What government agency or body did you observe? Include the full name & city/county it belongs to. If it is different than the one you identified in Part 1 briefly explain why. 2. Where and when was the meeting? Give the complete address and location. 3. How many appointed or elected members are there and which ones attended? What are their names and titles? 4. What is the number of people attending the meeting? Which were members of the community, did they belong to an organization, and which were other appointed or elected officials of other government bodies? If you donâ€t know ask them. The failure to provide specifics about who is 2attending will indicate that you did not attend the meeting. Video recordings of meetings often do not show who is sitting in the audience. 5. What topics were addressed during the “open comment” period of the agenda? 6. Discuss one topic discussed during the “action” or “discussion” periods of the agenda. What was the issue, what action(s) were being considered, what public comments were made and responses given, which representatives supported and opposed the actions, what did they vote to do, and what was the final vote? 7. What else did you observe about the meeting? Discuss how the meeting functioned and the representatives interacted with the community, etc. Why do you think those things happened the way they did? Donâ€t just say it generally functioned smoothly, efficiently, or in a friendly manner, etc. If thatâ€s what you observed you need to be specific and analyze why it functioned that way. Donâ€t guess or assert. Vague assertions will result in zero credit. 8. What did you learn about how government works, the role of engaged citizens, your participation in the process, and how change is made? Use specific examples for each. For example, donâ€t just say it is open, itâ€s easy for people to get involved an speak, elected officials listen to residents, etc. Be specific about why it is. Vague assertions will result in zero credit. One of the things you should discuss is how do people get their ideas heard and acted upon? Reflect on what the people whoâ€s ideas are being acted upon at the meeting get their ideas to this stage. What did they have to do and/ or what about their backgrounds gives them influence? If they speak but appear to achieve little or no traction why is that? Were they a lone voice with an uninformed complaint or did they organize others to come with them and were they knowledgeable and prepared? If you donâ€t know, ask the people who spoke and the members of the government body. If they represented an organization research it and reflect on why it might have influence. 9. If you were to attend another meeting of the same government body what would you talk about during “public comment”? What would you tell them about a problem, issue, or idea you would want to bring to their attention for them to act on? What would it require for your idea to gain traction, get on the agenda, and be acted on? Why is your issue is related to its mission and legal authority? Not answering this question will mean a full deduction of points.
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