m 1case introduction eclipse ide java programming

Eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE). It is open source and is being developed and contributed to by many individuals and organizations. It is an excellent environment in which to develop computer programs and projects.
In this first case assignment, you will learn about the environment of Eclipse. In SLP, we will develop and run a simple Java program from this environment. Before you work on Case assignment, you must go through materials in Background Information first to make sure JDK and Eclipse have been downloaded to your computer.
Case Assignment
Please follow the steps in this video tutorial to learn how to use Eclipse, and create pez project and related classes using Eclipse on your computer.
Eclipse video tutorial (     http://eclipsetutorial.sourceforge.net/totalbeginner.html)           (Eclipse used in this video tutorial is version 3.1.1, an older version than the one you should have installed on your own machine. However, most of the features are the same in spite of some minor differences.)

Since some of the topics are beyond the scope of this class, e.g. XML, it is not required to finish all topics in this tutorial. However, it would be good for you to revisit this tutorial in other CS courses that use Eclipse. For this class, you need to cover topics from Eclipse overview till Unit testing using JUnit.
Follow the video to create projects and classes in your own PC, after you complete each topic, for example, People Example, make a screen print on the work you have finished (Note: Not the screen print on the tutorial). All screen prints need to be in one single word document.
If you are not sure how to print a screen and past it to a word document, do the following steps:

Open a word document, minimize it to the bottom of the screen.
move your cursor to Eclipse, activate Eclipse screen.
On your key board, press CTRL key and PrtSckey at the same time
Reactive the word document you open at step 1, press Ctrl and V keys at the same time on your key board.

When your file is done, send it in to CourseNet.
Case assignment expectations

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