marketing pricing writing assignment

Writing requirements :
Individual Investigation Options: PricingCurrent Events: PricingTask:For the Current Events Analysis option, you will select, read, and analyze two of the following articles and draw connections with the readings and lectures from this weekâ€s modules. To do so, first select two (2) articles from the following list:
1. 5 Below selling products for more than $5 (Links : )2. Payless “Palessi” shoes (Links Personalized pricing (Links Netflix pricing (Links Disney+ Streaming Service Pricing (Links, answer the following questions for each article you selected(meaning you will answer these questions twice for this assignment):
Course Application:
Identify the specific marketing principle(s) from this weekâ€s readings and lectures (see attached file) that this article exemplifies and discuss how these principles are being used in this example. Do not state that the articles highlight the “big” concept/theory from this weekâ€s module (e.g., STP). They obviously do, hence why they were selected. Be more specific!Reaction: Discuss your reactions to the marketing decisions/event/information that were highlighted in this article and analyze why you likely had this reaction? Consider, for example, what surprised, shocked, intrigued, dismayed, puzzled, and/or excited you about what you read, and why.
Analysis: Analyze the marketing decisions/event/information and present your argument for whether you agree or disagree with the decision/event/use of information. Was this a smart course of action or recommendation in of itself and/or how it was addressed? Why/why not?
Total word count at least 750.
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