mat 205 journal

1. Should you believe a statistical study?.
2. Ocean acidification.
3. Is polling reliable?
4. Mathematics of politics.
NOTE:For this journal entry, choose any two application problems from the above list and answer the following questions. The total word count, for all your answers, should be at least 350 words and not more than 600 words.

How will you use the applications in your own life? Be very specific.
How can you use the applications in your own community? For example, if you believe in climate change and you find that your senator, congressperson, or members of your town council do not believe in climate change, how can you use your knowledge to change their beliefs? This is just an example. You can use this or your own examples and ideas to discuss how you can use your applications for the betterment of the society and the country.
Did you know about all these math applications before you took the class? How has your perspective about math changed after taking this class?

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