mgmt module 1 quiz

I have a quiz on May 20,2020 9:30AM. This quiz covers all of the course content within Module #1. This quiz have 45 mins.
Welcome to Module #1! The broad theme we will study in this module is ‘understanding the Canadian business environment.‘
All businesses are subject to the influences of economic forces. But these same economic forces also provide smart managers and entrepreneurs with opportunities for profits and growth. The ideas presented in Chapter 1 will help you to better understand (1) how managers deal with the challenges and opportunities resulting from economic forces and (2) how consumers deal with the challenges and opportunities of price fluctuations.
By understanding the material in Chapter 2, youâ€ll be better able to assess (1) the impact that events outside a business can have on its owners and managers, (2) how environmental change impacts you as a consumer, and (3) the challenges and opportunities that environmental change provides to you as an employee or an investor.
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