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1. Tierra
The traditional business of concept of quality focuses on an integrated system approach where any problem with quality is the responsibility of everybody in the organization. In the traditional view, quality is inspected into the product and is enough when the product has achieved the required quality (Molis, 2019). In biblical terms, quality means holiness which is of something that can be determined by comparing a set of inherent characteristics such as sin and morales with a set of requirements known as the bible or the law (Pierson). Basically the Bible’s view of quality is when you meet the requirements of the bible you will achieve excellent quality which will be sanctification or glorification but if you don’t meet the requirements you will get a low or poor level of quality which will bring you corruption or condemnation. From what I see the difference in the traditional business concept of quality and the biblical concept is that with a biblical concept it more of an individual thing and you have to choose to either follow the law (Bible) and be granted good quality or choose not to follow the law in expecting the quality that is not good. Whereas with the traditional concept of quality it is a group thing so if anything goes wrong within the company every one must work together to make it better. Overall when it comes to quality it is not something that just gets done. It requires a change to the mindset of not only the individual but the corporation as a whole.
2. Andrew
James 2:18 states “But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” The book of James is explaining the importance of working from love as our faith is based on love. As Christians our obligation is to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. That mindset should also reflect on our job ethics. No matter where we working we should have quality and present the love of Christ. Anyone working in customer service could attest that consumers can be very testy but as a believer we must have patience and reveal the kindness of Jesus Christ in our work. Business can be very stressful And leadership in business organizations can become aggressive as they attempt to reach financial goals. They will be more catering to other businesses or companies that can help them reach financial goals. Concerning yourself for business matters will make you numb to the actual concerns and needs for consumers. Many organizations and large businesses will have focus mainly on development and growth of their company for financial gain. As for biblical references we are to focus on caring on Godâ€s people and have a quality geared to satisfy the consumers in a loving manner and avoid becoming money hungry. Providing good service this is extremely important in rating of quality. Modern businesses measure quality of financial profit however the Bible would like us to measure quality by the service of the people we serve.
3. Tierra
I think that healthcare providers can improve quality by making more medical homes. Medical homes are also known as Patient or Family-Centered Medical Home which is an approach to providing comprehensive primary care that facilitates partnerships between patients, clinicians, medical staff, and families. It is a medical practice organized to produce higher quality care and improved cost-efficiency. Medical homes include patient-centered which is a partnership among practitioners, patients, and their families to ensure that decisions respect patients†wants, needs, and preferences and that patients have the education and support they need to make decisions and participate in their own care. They have a team of care providers who are wholly accountable for a patientâ€s physical and mental health care needs, including prevention and wellness, acute care, and chronic care. These homes allow patients access services with shorter waiting times, “after hours” care, 24/7 electronic or telephone access, and strong communication through health IT innovations.They are also committed to quality and safety which means clinicians and staff enhance quality improvement to ensure that patients and families make informed decisions about their health. I believe that medical homes can improve quality because with this you are the focus and your physician and others will make you a personalized plan to make sure that you are doing what needs to be done to take care of yourself which will cost fewer doctor visits and you will have access to your doctor by email or video chats. This could be beneficial to patients because payers are reducing services and making doctor visits to expensive for some.
4. Andrew
Healthcare providers or anyone that provide healthcare to a individual under certification or license. Healthcare providers are usually doctors, nurses office and hospital staff. Healthcare providers can also be related to health care suppliers such as pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment companies. Individuals and companies all work together on in the healthcare provider umbrella providing health services to citizens that often pay out of pocket or through insurance companies. The services are paid through insurance companies which can be called the payers. The payers can be private or public sectors and even out of the pocket self payers. Healthcare providers face the challenges of being cost-effective and still providing quality care. Healthcare providers can reduce the amount of testing and screening by diagnosing conditions accurately. This will prevent false diagnosing and having to retest or receive a different type of test to confirm diagnose. Healthcare providers also keep communicate amongst each other to reduce the amount of lab testing by sharing test results. Another way healthcare providers can help save but not affect the quality of their services is going electronically. This will allow administrative roles to cover more patients at a time.
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