milton assignment

Choose one of the following two options for your Milton paper. Your assignment should be 600-750 words.
1. The ruminative option. Think of a question that you’d like to explore further—a question that has arisen in your mind while reading or discussing Paradise Lost. What idea bugs you, what can you not figure out? The question cannot be plot-based, nor can it have a clear answer. (Please check in with me or your TA if you are unsure if your question is a good one.) Your paper should present a provisional answer to your question, solely by analyzing that single passage. Think of this assignment as focused rumination—trying to figure out a question and present a potential answer—rather than arguing a thesis. Be creative when choosing your passage. It might directly address your topic, or it may do so only indirectly or metaphorically. Use your question as your title.
2. The creative option. Write a Donne-like conceit into Paradise Lost. You might work your conceit into the landscape of heaven or hell; you might imagine Milton describing your conceit as an aside while narrating a scene; you might imagine the conceit as spoken by one of the characters. (You need not write the conceit as poetry, though you can if you wish. Just describing it, in detail, is fine.) Then write an analysis describing how your conceit works and what it tells us about Paradise Lost. You must use textual evidence while doing so.
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