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National security responsibilities fall across many entities in the federal government. The federal courts are often consulted to evaluate how far the federal government can go to keep Americans safe. Find a news article from the last eight weeks that demonstrates judicial power over the actions of the federal bureaucracy (FBI, NSA, CIA, ICE, or other agencies or bureaus).
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I decided to discuss the Supreme Courtâ€s ruling of denying to suspend the “public charge” for immigrants to obtain legal status within the US. U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service is one of the two most critical components or agencies within the Department of Homeland Security. “The “public charge” provision dates back at least to the Immigration Act of 1882” (Alvarez, 2020) with the idea in mind immigrants would be able to be independent and take care of themselves. The current regulation dated in 1996 describes the term as immigrants who are very dependent and rely on government assistance. The Trump Administration has decided to expand on this term that would affect low-income immigrants attempting to withhold their legal status in the US such as the green card or wanting to enter the US. The low-income immigrants who are dependent on government assistance such as Medicaid and food stamps will immensely be affected if they will be able to continue to have that assistance and take care of themselves. The Supreme Court ruled in favor to implement the new meaning of “public charge†in every state and denied New York along with other states to suspend the implementation of the new rule.
This topic is very tough because I know people who are affected by this rule. It is not to say the meaning of “public charge” is wrong or the implementation is wrong, I just believe there are really good people out there who are trying to do the right thing and find good-paying jobs to support themselves as well as their families.  Sometimes those good people who try have yet to find good decent supporting jobs due to no education, not able to speak the English language, or have not had the help needed to push further in the right direction.  Many stories I read are parents who have entered the US have US citizen children and kind of pause at that point thinking the children are enough for the future. But if the parents or legal guardian have not completed their process and now have to leave forcefully, it leaves such a heartbreaking ending. We honestly have witnessed it in the last year and it was not a feeling watching it on the news. I understand where the rule is coming from – to be equal, legal and dependent on themselves but we all need to look in the mirror, there are so much more issues outside of “public charge” that is not equal, legal and very much connected to US citizens who are not dependent on themselves but on government assistant as well.
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The government is always looking to extend its powers in an ever-increasing attempt to see how far it can go to protect the interests of the United States. This over reach is currently at center stage for some very huge battles in the US Supreme court system in the next few weeks and months. Yesterday the house voted on a bill that would allow the FISA courts, a federal agency with almost no overhead that is in charge of protecting the United States, the ability to access your emails and search history without your permission. This is a direct violation of the fourth amendment, which states, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be
searched, and the persons or things to be seized” (Krutz, pg.141). This Amendment to the constitution states that all people have the right to feel safe, and are not to be subject to any search or seizure, without a reason why. So, why do people that sit on a high thrown in the House and Congress, which are part of the Legislative Branch, feel they have the right to pass laws like this knowing it is not in the best interest of the American People. At what point do American Citizens need to look at their representatives and report them possibly to the FBI or something for a violation of the Constitution for acting out in a manner that is not consistent with the views of the American public.
Spying on the American people when they have done nothing wrong constituTes a government that is overreaching in its power and becoming a tyrannical government; I just hope the rest of the country opens up its eyes and see it. Lucking we have a president that is not a politician and stands up for the American people. Here in an article by USAToday we see just how important it is because the president said he is not happy with how the FBI has treated the FISA system, and in fact the Left lied and abused the system in 2016. “President Donald Trump, who has railed against the FBI’s surveillance of his campaign in 2016, threatened a veto after the House passed the bill in March” (Phillips, 2020)
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