module 05 course project new employee checklist and work schedule

Welcoming a new employee into your organization is always a happy occasion. After all of the work of recruiting, interviewing, selecting, back ground checks, etc. it is really a good feeling to know that you have a new employee starting who fits your requirements for the position. Your attention should turn towards the first day of work and how to introduce them into your organization. You want to put them at ease as much as possible as they are eager to learn the ropes and get them into work production as soon as possible.

This assignment has two parts. In the first part of the assignment, you will prepare a New Employee Orientation Checklist for the Information and Record Clerk position. In the second part of the assignment, you will create a work schedule for the Information and Record Clerk position that you have selected.

Part 1
Prepare a New Employee Orientation Checklist to use for the newly hired Information and Record Clerk. Include items that you will show the employee and explain to them during the first few days or weeks of employment. For example, a tour of the department, where they will work, and where the supplies are kept. This checklist will be signed by the employee and the supervisor when it is complete. It should be kept by the supervisor in their office with a copy to the employee when completed.
Part 2
A work schedule is needed by an HIM department where there are multiple employees and multiple shifts of work and are required by unions to be posted for the employee to view. Nursing and direct patient care departments prepare schedules all the time so they know that they have adequate coverage for patient care. The HIM work schedule should be posted by the week listing a Sunday through Saturday work week and lists each employee by name, position and the starting time and the ending time that they work. If a day is scheduled off that should be noted on the schedule.
For this part of the assignment, prepare a work schedule for the RELEASE OF INFORMATION SPECIALIST position that you have selected for the project.
Release of Information Associate
Under the direction of the Corporate Coding and Regularity Manager, the Release of Information Specialist (ROI) must at all times safeguard and protect the patientâ€s rights to privacy by ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to the patientâ€s medical information and that all release of information are in compliance with the request, authorization, company policy and HIPAA statues. Additionally, they are required to maintain a professional health care office environment on a day-to-day basis, working with confidential and personal health information in a conscientious manner and providing patients and other requestors with the appropriate level of service. This position engages in direct customer service and must perform duties and conduct interpersonal relationships in a manner designed to project a positive image of the department and the Medical Center. Work with team leader, supervisor, manager, and other members of the department to promote a harmonious work environment.
The reason I chose the Release of Information Associates role is because I use to work in the medical records department, and I loved it. I like primary contact with customers regarding collection of required information. It is being involved in work that is meaningful and purposeful. I like being a trusted employee in the ROI department handling the confidential medical records. I love challenges and this is a challenging position in which I can utilize my skills in this area. Being in this position allows me to multitask, be responsible and reliable and I feel that I am all the above when it comes to this position.
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