need 2 page of writing

“I want you to find a current statistical evaluation in the news. Could be politics, sports, business, whatever. And using the questions, basic analysis, discussions the textbook covered in the first several chapters write a short (2pages double space) on the statistical reference.
Describe the statistic, does the sample match the population, what questions would you ask the “statistician” who produced the results, based on this how confident are you it is a good number, etc.”
The textbook is titled “Statistics: Concepts and Controversies” by David S. Moore/William I. Notz.
The first few chapters talk about what data is, where it comes from, how to tell wich samples are good and bad samples, bias, variability, confidence intervals, margin of error.

An example of a statistical evaluation they looked at in the chapters is the 2012 election polls just to give you a better idea. Essentially, find a statistical report of some kind on google and evaluate the validity based on priniciples of statisti
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