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ENGL 120 Essay 2: The Other Wes Moore
FINAL DRAFT Due: Tuesday, April 21st (submit .doc, .docx, or .pdf ONLY!)
For this paper, answer the following question in 4-6 pages (double-spaced, MLA format): What were the most significant factors that led both boys to different paths in life? In other words, why do you think the other Wes ended up in prison while the author ended up a Rhodes Scholar?
Answer the question in a clear thesis (which will go in the introductory paragraph) and support your thesis with clearly organized paragraphs which include examples from the novel. Additionally, use AT LEAST 1 OF OUR UNIT READINGS (Powell, Dweck, Duckworth, Oprah Winfrey Interview, Humans of New York Inmates website) to supplement your interpretation and analysis of the novel in your response. The in-class reading will help you to provide evidence for specific claims you make in your body paragraphs about the novel.
Requirements for Successful Essays:
4-6 pages.
MLA format. 12-point font, Times New Roman. Works Cited Page
A creative title that hints at the subject matter.
Indicate a clear focus in a well-written thesis statement and stay focused throughout the essay.
Concrete and specific evidence from the novel and at least 1 of our unit readings. The quotations should be integrated and cited correctly using MLA format.
**KEY: Fully developed analysis of how the evidence supports each topic sentence and overall thesis statement.
**KEY: Successfully includes discussion from our in-class reading in an insightful and thoughtful way
Clear organization with transitions between paragraphs and examples
A clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
Include a conclusion which comments on why your argument is significant—what difference it might make to readers
Implement proper stylistic conventions to include: sentence variation, college-level vocabulary, complex sentence structure.
Write the paper as if addressing a scholarly audience who has not read the book or the unit 2 texts.
Demonstrates thoughtful revision and editing/proofreading

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