nutr amp 101 discussion 3

Week 6 Discussion
By Wednesday, please answer the following for 8 points. You won’t be able to see posts until you create your original posting. Once you do that, the discussion board will become visible for you.
If your last name begins with A-M: Read and review this article on protein deficiency, then answer these two questions in your 150-300 word post: (Links to an external site.)

Discuss each of the 8 symptoms of protein deficiency presented in this article. In the discussion explain why or how the symptom relates to protein deficiency, be sure to explain the reasoning in your post.
Explain how much protein a person should eat each day and how this is calculated. How does this differ for an athlete and an elderly person.

If your last name starts with N – Z, watch this video. Then, create a 150-300 word post that summarizes three main ideas that you have learned and would like to share with the class. (Links to an external site.)
By Sunday create at least two substantial participation posts that are replies to someone that created a post on the topic that you did not create a post on. Posts that merely say ‘good job’ or ‘I agree’ will be removed from the discussion board. Please see the syllabus for ideas on how to create a substantial post (under the participation section). (1 point per substantial post).
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