one page executive summary abstract

One page executive summary to include:

The name of your restaurant, the type of food, and the number of staff.
Explain in which year you expect to turn a profit. (Year 1)
Explain your strategies .– Explain whether or not you are implementing restaurant revenue management strategies and why you made that decision. – Explain your choice of corporate level strategy (concentration, vertical integration, diversification, or mergers and acquisitions).– Explain how you will combat potential problems that may occur through language and language games.-Briefly (2-3 sentences) explain your downtime procedures.

Also, please change paragraph in the “Outside of football season”. Write a paragraph about How do you expect to perform outside of football season? The stadium will be open for at least 180 events and please do research on this topic and write a paragraph about how will the stadium perform. Add citation in the text and in the reference page. Thank you.
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