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Chapter 3 Study Questions
1. Develop your own definition of software being certain to explain the key terms.
2. What are the primary functions of an operating system?
3. Which of the following are operating systems and which are applications: Microsoft Excel, Google Chrome, iTunes, Windows, Android, Angry Birds.
4. What is your favorite software application? What tasks does it help you accomplish?
5. How would you categorize the software that runs on mobile devices? Break down these apps into at least three basic categories and give an example of each.
6. What does an ERP system do?
7. What is open-source software? How does it differ from closed-source software? Give an example of each.
8. What does a software license grant to the purchaser of the software?
Exercise 2
If you were running a small business with limited funds for information technology, would you consider using cloud computing? Find some web-based resources that support your decision.

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Textbook: https://opentextbook.site/informationsystems2019/
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