paper for modern europe class the fall of the berlin wall

Read the following very carefully
4-5 pages double spaced
–NO outside citation– I will attach the pages of the textbook that you can cite from -use at least 5 evidences from the pages I will attach to support your claim.


Which of the following developments do you think was most significant: (i) the end of the Western European empires; (ii) the fall of the Berlin Wall; or (iii) the development of the European Union? Explain the key aspects of the development you choose, and explain its significance in the context of European history.

****I am choosing “The fall of the Berlin Wall”– DO not explain why it is more significant than the other two. it is not a comparison, it’s just to choose one of them and explain the significance of it regarding history in Europe.
—–ANSWER this questions through the paper: What was it? Why did it happen? What were the consequences? what did it represent? Why was so big of a deal? (don’t get caught up on explaining how it happened as the prof knows it. focus on the significance)- use evidences to support your claims.
—No personal opinion, this is about making claims and illustrating through evidences to persuade someone that this is significant– all evidences only from the textbook.

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