pedigree high school assignment

A pedigree is a chart, similar to a family tree, that is used to show how a specific trait is passed on through several generations. It is often used to trace disorders and can be used to make predictions about disorders in future generations.
In this assignment, you will be creating a pedigree for Rudolph’s family. The trait you are tracing is a bright red nose. The first part of the assignment requires you to fill in symbols for each family members based on their sex at birth and their genotype. Once you have all the symbols recorded in the data table, you then will use them, along with each person’s relationship (son, daughter, grandmother, cousin, etc.) to organize them into a pedigree (or family tree).
Before you begin, please watch the following videos:

How do pedigree symbols work and how do you draw them?
Can you show me some examples of how to complete different parts of this assignment?

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