peer review of essay 3 1

Please provide feedback to 3 attached paper. Be as specific as possible in your responses (each feedback is at least 200 words)
1. First of all, does it meet the requirements of the assignment? (Is it long enough 1400-1600 words, for instance? Does the writer quote from Becoming Nicole, “Rethinking Gender,” and “When Children Say They’re Trans”? Is it formatted and documented in MLA style?) Refer to the assignment itself to help answer this question.
2. Does the essay have a clear thesis (or central idea)? Does the thesis appear in the right place? Is the thesis an idea or an announcement? Does the essay stick to developing this thesis, or are parts of the essay irrelevant to the thesis?
3. Is the essay well organized? Are ideas introduced in a logical order? Are the individual paragraphs unified and coherent? Do the body paragraphs have topic sentences? Are the topic sentences ideas–as they should be–or are any of them facts? Do the body paragraphs each stick to making a single point–or do they veer off topic? Are transitions used where necessary? Does each part of the essay seem connected to the material that comes before and after it?
4. Is there sufficient support for the writerâ€s thesis? Are all of the ideas in the essay adequately developed with specific references to the book and the supplemental readings? Is the writer fairly considering all of the material in the book that is relevant to his/her conclusions? If there are passages in the book that seem to call into question some of the conclusions that your classmate has reached, you should point them out. (A good critical thinker would discuss these passages and explain how they fit his/her interpretation rather than simply ignoring them.) Does your classmate ever misrepresent the book?
5. Has your classmate integrated quotations smoothly? Are all quotations introduced with signal phrases? Would any of the quotations be confusing to someone who hasn’t done the assigned reading? Should your classmate provide more context for any of the quotations? Are fragmentary quotations smoothly integrated into the writer’s own sentences? Are quotations sufficiently explained?
6. Is the essay clearly written? Is the language of the essay clear and unambiguous? Has the writer defined his/her terms? Have obvious errors been corrected? (It isnâ€t your job to correct errors for your classmates, but you can point out that a paper contains a lot of errors. If you actually correct the errors for your classmate, you arenâ€t helping because your classmate needs to learn to correct these errors on his or her own. But if you notice, for instance, that your classmateâ€s paper contains a lot of verb tense errors, you might point that out. And if you find that some parts of the paper simply arenâ€t clear, you should point that out as well.)
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