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Post 1
Dear Mr. Sims,
I am writing this letter to inform you that the delivery of cups sent from your company, I ordered set to be delivered on April 14,2020 order number transaction code 1234. Bj’s Kountry Market records show that only 1,650 units were delivered on the time and date stated. that was checked by Bj’s Kountry market staff members on April 14,2020 and rechecked on April 15,2020.
Our contract clearly states, that a number total of 2,500 units was expected to be received by our company Bj’s kountry Market on the said date of delivery. I’m writing this letter in regret to inform you that your company did not honor our agreement. The delivery was inaccurate and incomplete and it caused back up with our customers in ordering monogramed personalized cups. because of this, I am asking you to immediately fix this issue and send us the correct number of cups in the next delivery order and the remainder of cups that we didn’t receive on the said date. April 14,2020 I am hoping that this mistake will not in fact happen again.
I’m hoping there will be no problem in the future with our doing business together. This letter is not to end our agreement or order simply to bring it to your attention to fix the problem, make sure this doesn’t happen in the future or to any other companies you maybe in business with.
Post 2
Dear Mr. Scott,
A week ago I came to your Chick-Fil-A restaurant to get some dinner on my way home from work. I ordered a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich meal with large fries and a large cherry Coke. When I received my order at the drive-thru window, I did not think to check if everything was there and correct, because I have never had such an issue when ordering at your restaurant. However, when I arrived home and sat down to eat my meal, I discovered that instead of the sandwich, I had received a 10-count chicken nugget box instead. Upon making this discovery, I called your store and spoke with one of your associates, who assured me that the situation would be rectified. I was given two options: to return to the store and pick up a whole new meal with the correct items at no extra charge, or be sent an email with a voucher for a meal for my next visit to your store.
The customer service provided to me during this incident was above-average. I chose to take the voucher option, but was pleasantly surprised that I was offered a couple of different options as to how the situation could be rectified. It should be noted that many other restaurants would not have offered the same service, and for that I commend you, your staff, and your customer service team. I can say with absolute certainty that I will continue to come to your restaurant, and continue to recommend it to others as well. The food is great, and the service is even better!
Post 3
Texas Roadhouse:
I am writing this letter, so you know that I was delighted with the exceptional customer service from the moment I walked into your Texas Roadhouse in Ocala, FL. My visit was right after their grand opening. The restaurant was busy because of them being new in the area, but I wanted to try it out anyway. My name was placed on the waiting list as soon as I was acknowledged. The greeter told me that it would be about a thirty-minute wait, and she handed me a buzzer. I was okay with the delay and did not mind because their servers were bringing appetizer samples around. The appetizers consisted of fried pickles, tater skins, rattlesnake bites, boneless Buffalo wings, and bread. I was able to go to the bar and order a drink as well. The thirty-minute wait turned into an hour and fifteen minutes before the buzzer went off.
Once I was seated, the customer service that I received from the waitress continued to be incredible.The waitressâ€s name was Katie. She informed me of all the specials without me, even asking her. The food came out in a timely fashion, and she refilled my soft drink constantly. Katie always asked me if I needed anything else. I could not have asked for a better waitress. I was impressed so much that my tip matched my total bill. I will go back again, and I have already started spreading the word to others because of the excellent customer service I received.
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