phil 1200 meaning of life

750-1000 words,12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and double-spacing. Include your name, a word count, and the date in the upper left corner of your first page. All pages should have your name and be numbered
Lukong was a very depressed young graduate from college. One day he was awaken, he said, to the most exciting time of his life. He finally found what he has been searching for, namely, the meaning of life which he now said enthusiastically that “the whole thing has been hidden in plain site from me.” It is simple: the meaning in life is living an uncompromising moral life, doing the right thing even if heaven should fall down, period. To constantly remind himself of his supposed point of life he had the word “Do the right thing” tattooed on his right and left arms.
You, a student of Susan Wolfâ€s views on life as expressed in her article “Moral Saint” and Thomas Nagelâ€s views as expressed in his article “The Absurd” and Albert Camusâ€s views as expressed in his article, “The Myth of Sisyphus” came across an ecstatic Lukong who is ready to share his newfound meaning in life with you. How will the conversation continue between the two of you?
Suspend disbelief to avoid irrelevant distraction to the scenario. Critically examine the positions you advance and say which one you find philosophically compelling and why. Entertain objections and examples real or imagine.
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