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PHD Research Proposal for enrollment at Loughborough Univeristy.
I need a 1000 to 1500 word count PHD research proposal in order to enroll in Loughborough University as a PHD student in their Sport Business Research center.
My PHD topic is “Sport, Politics, and Diplomacy: its influence on a nations economy”
When talking about politics I want to emphasize how powerful and influential Sports can be. Using Chileâ€s President winning the re-elections in 2015 as an example. She won mainly because the national football team won the competition that year at home. I would also want to emphasize the importance of soft power and use Qatar as an example. It has been proven that they were supporting terrorist groups but because of the great image they have built in Sports, people werenâ€t bothered by that. They have managed to create solid relationships and allies such as France primarily through Sports.
On the economics part, I want to measure how sports can influence a countryâ€s economy and bench mark the UK and the US. As well as measure the job opportunities created in the Sports Industry and how creating the right Sport economy will benefit Saudi Arabia.
How Chileâ€s President won the re-elections because of winning coppa america in Chile
How qatar managed to make a positive impact
although they have been proved to be supporting terrirest groups but ppl forgot.
How sports can have an effect on a countryâ€s economy
How sports can create job opportunities
This is the PhD programme structure

You can apply to study a PhD degree (often referred to as a doctorate) with any of our seven institutes. If you are successful, you’ll be assigned two supervisors who will have the knowledge and experience required to guide and support your research journey.
What is involved?
Our PhD programmes take place over 3 years full-time.
A typical PhD normally involves:

The completion of a literature review
Original research with the collection of results
Producing a thesis that outlines your conclusions
Developing your thesis and submitting it as a written study
Elaborating on your thesis in an oral exam or presentation

These stages may vary depending on the nature of your research and the Institute you are studying with.
The first year
The first year of any PhD is designed to develop your skills and knowledge as a researcher, and will ensure you have a solid understanding of your chosen subject area.
Youâ€ll have initial meetings with your supervisor and will decide on an action plan based on your research proposal.
The first step in this will almost certainly be carrying out your literature review. With the guidance of your supervisor, you will investigate and explore existing literature to ensure the research you undertake will be an original contribution to your chosen subject area.
The second year
The second year of a PhD is usually when most students conduct the majority of their core research. The process will vary depending on your research methods, but typically involves collecting results from experiments, artefacts, archives, surveys or other means.
Youâ€ll continue to meet with your supervisor to give updates on your progress and get feedback on your ideas. As your results develop, you may start to notice patterns in your findings and may decide to start drafting some early conclusions.
The third year
In your third and final year, you will analyse your results and develop your thesis into a written dissertation. The length of your thesis can be between 40,000 and 120,000 words and should make a unique contribution to your field of study.
On completion of their thesis, you may be asked to participate in a viva voce oral exam. This is a formal discussion and an opportunity for you to defend your research in front of at least one internal and external examiner.…
Some more stuff I found…
Kindly use these two research proposals as a template as both are considered great PHD proposals. And the links should help create the content
Use the exact format and template used in the two research proposals i sent you. I need it to be exactly the same in terms of formatting citations.
The books are just for you reference in creating the content. Not a must citation
exactly like the two PHD research proposal samples i sent you. Copy the formating ect.. but obviously the topic and content is completely different as my PHD subject is different
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