please read very carefully each requirements

I’d like you to consider our discussions throughout this semester on how literature helps us to understand the human condition, remembering that “Good fiction teaches us what it means to be human.”
Throughout the ages, human beings have shared similar experiences. We are all born and thus must relate with the one who bore us; we all die and thus must face this inevitable end. Almost everyone falls in love at least once. We all struggle with conflict and we all must make decisions about life choices. We all experience the joy and pain of family relationships. We all go about our lives making friends, making a living, having adventures and learning about good and evil in the world.
Consider all of the literature we’ve read over the semester and what you’ve learned from each about life issues, about what it means to exist in this world. It will help to revisit the themes of each. For example, what do you understand about loss from reading about Joy/Hulga’s experience? How does Louise Mallard help you to better understand our human need for freedom and our often paralyzing sense of confinement? Remember to be specific in your essay. Use quotes from the literature to support the points you want to make about the human condition.
For your essay, you will:

choose two of the works that weâ€ve studied from Poetry, Fiction and/or Drama;
I choose this two 1 . StockingsBy Tim Oâ€Brien2. The White GirlBy Luis Alberto Urrera
use these to demonstrate both what they show us about the human condition and how;
use a clear introduction, body and conclusion;
use strong and vivid language to discuss what youâ€ve learned about the human condition through the poem/story/play;
refer to characters by name;
refer to the literature in the present tense;
give specific examples from the work to prove your points;
remember all that youâ€ve learned this semester about how to analyze a work of literature and use this to your benefit.
reference both primary and secondary sources (at least one of each).

As before, your essay must adhere to the following guidelines:

Typed, double-spaced, standard font, with one-inch margins
MLA citation REQUIRED !
6 pages

Regarding the in-text citations, it’s generally acceptable to either cite the paragraph number (count and number them in the margins then cite accordingly) or the page number for stories. However, with the shorter stories, you should use the paragraph number. Page numbers are fine for Good Country People and the play.
Plagiarism will be not tolerated if detected, the penalty may be severe and may lead to failure to obtain your degree.

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