possible topics for the history paper

topics(choose one topic write 5 pages paper)
1.Howdid the barbarians who overran the western Roman Empire in the 5th century shape the social, economic, and political structures in Europe and western Asia?
2. What factors enabled the Christian Church to expand and thrive during the early Middle Ages?
3. What made possible the spread of Islam, and what forms of government were established to rule Muslim lands?
4. How did the Aztecs both build on the achievements of earlier Mesoamerican cultures and develop new traditions to create their large empire?
5. How did the Heian form of government contribute to the cultural flowering of Japan in the period?6. How did Chinggis Khan and his successors conquer much of Eurasia, and how did the Mongol conquests change the regions affected?

Matters needing attention
•Make sure your introduction clearly lays out what you will be arguing.
•Indent your paragraphs
.•Avoid the use of personal pronouns in your essay
.•Be sure to use transitional sentences to get from one paragraph to the next.
•Check for run-­‐on sentences that need to be broken up into smaller units.
•Break up long blocks of text into smaller paragraphs.
•Remember to cite your sources as you use them throughout your paper.
•Place any footnotes you have at the end of the sentence.
•Number your pages
.•Make a point of proofreading through your paper when you are done to catch any errors you may have accidentally overlooked.
•Remove any spaces between your paragraphs
•5 pages means 5 pages
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