ppt group 5

Hi! Please see assignment below. Can you have this to me by Saturday 5/30/2020? This is a group PPT assignment. Please do power points for the below two bullet points, 3 slides each per bullet point. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you kindly!
Continue to use “COVID-19” as the administration issue. For this particular assignment, please use, “PUBLIC POLICY” – as the specific policy.
Communication Plan Presentation
Assignment Content

to the administration issue approved in Week Two.
Combine and integrate all work completed as prior learning team assignments in this course to complete a final presentation.
Develop a presentation outlining your communication plan and framework, focusing on an exchange of information for internal use, for public use, and inclusion of public comment. This assignment will incorporate the prior presentations from this course.

Create a 6-slide Communication Plan PowerPoint® presentation that includes the following sections:

Barriers of communication
Media relation approaches

Complete your presentation consistent with APA format.
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