presentation powerpoint about molecular basis of cancer

I want powerpoint presentation about each topic below
You can just add bold points with pictures or just pictures
with explanation of each slide for me to read ( as presentation ), So each slide will be connected with the next slide
Slide 1: Oncogenes and Signal Transduction
Slide 2 : Tumor Suppressor Genes
Slide 3 : DNA Repair and Cancer
Slide 4 : Epigenetics and Cancer
Slide 5 : Cell Cycle Regulation
Slide 6 : Cell Growth
Slide 7 : Cancer Cell Metabolism
Slide 8 : Apoptosis
Slide 9 : Cellular Senescence
Slide 10 : Invasion and Metastasis
Slide 11 : Inflammation and Cancer
Slide 12 : Cellular Immune response
Slide 13 : Cancer Therapeutics
Slide 14 : Monoclonal Antibodies In Cancer Treatment
Slide 15 : Cancer Resistance
The rest of the Slides will be for references 14 with AMA format please I attached the AMA format instructions too )

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