programming fundamentals

In this task, you will investigate the fundamentals as well as the history of computer programming.

Complete the Linkedin Learning video on The fundamentals of programming from the course: Programming Foundations: Fundamentals
Upload the “Completion Certificate”

Read through all the links below on programming pioneers, the history of programming and the greatest programmers, and take notes on important information. Make sure to record detailed notes as you will need it for a later task:
a) Programming Pioneers | Infographic
b) History and Concepts | Article

Watch the following video on flowcharting.

Play Video
TASK Results to submit
Using the video and the articles above write a one page summary your understanding of what is the purpose programming, purpose of flow charting, and provide your level of experience with programming. Welcome to CIS 131
Submit your results in WORD format, using link here for Task 1. Thank you!
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