project management solve a case study essay

Brent Collver, President and CEO of Romet Limited, has just finalized the architectural design and layout for the companyâ€s new plant and relocation named “Project Destiny.”

Prepare a Project Network Diagram (Chap. 5) and identify the Critical Path (including the forward-path and backward path, late start/early start and late finish/early finish data).
What is the completion date of the project based on the date in Exhibit 1.
Which activities do you consider to have the greatest risk for the project (Chap. 7)?
What is more important to Brent: Cost or on-time completion?
What activities should you consider crashing and why (Chap. 9)?
Are there opportunities to re-sequence the activities in the project to shorten the completion time?
What action should Brent Collver take and why?

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