proposal essay 1000 1500 words need a rough draft 700 words by tomorrow night

*I have already chose a topic and I wrote an outline for this topic
After looking through the topics listed for this essay I have chosen to go with the stray/ abused animal problem here in San Antonio. I believe that it is very necessary to talk about these problems now so that we can get more people to focus on making a positive change with this situation. I also believe that it is our duty as citizens to help these animals as we are the main cause of their abuse and lack of a home. This topic focuses on the issue of stray animals that are usually kept as pets and not wild, this situation can get bad in every city due to overpopulation of pets and abusing owners who do not treat their pets correctly. The proposal is affordable and there can easily be a budget made from the city to further help these animals in need. I believe that if the message is spread more then people will start to want to do their part to help whether that be by donation or volunteer work. The first step to tackling this problem would be to spread the information to the masses in this city then to focus on the cities leaders to promote more help.
*I have included the original instructions:
Proposals have three main characteristics: (1) They call for change, often in response to a problem; (2) They focus on the future; and (3) They center on the audience (EA 275).
For this essay, you will focus your proposal argument on an issue specific to our community (so, San Antonio or South Texas, more broadly). For the sake of ease, I am giving specific topics to choose from:

The need for public/mass transportation in San Antonio
Stray animals OR animal abuse in San Antonio
The diabetes epidemic in San Antonio
Food deserts in San Antonio
Affordable housing crisis OR gentrification in San Antonio
Homelessness in San Antonio
The need for childcare on the NVC campus
Child OR domestic abuse in San Antonio

Though developing a topic for this assignment might seem difficult, think about an issue that impacts you, your family, or your community on a daily or on-going basis. Doing so will not only help you develop your ethos (your credibility) but will give you a greater stake in writing this assignment.
One thing to remember about writing a proposal is that this is persuasive writing. You will want to educate readers about the issue/problem, convince them that this is a problem that needs addressing, and propose possible solutions to this problem.
Your proposal must identify and define a real problem from the list above – and make your reader care about this problem!
You will offer a solution (or a set of solutions) to the problem. The solution should be an action directed at the future.
Make sure to demonstrate to readers why this problem is one they (and all citizens of San Antonio) need to care about.
You will need to support your proposal with research. You will want to find data that can convince audiences that the problem you are identifying IS a problem, and that the solution youâ€re suggesting is reasonable one. For this essay, then, you will need to identify and incorporate at least 4-5 sources. These sources must be both credible and appropriate for the assignment and you will cite them according to MLA format.
Your essay should be 1000-1500 words in length.

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