that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments.  Be substantive and clear and use examples from the reading assignments to support your dialogue and to reinforce your ideas. Discuss the following: • What are some common gateways and barriers to intrapreneurship?  • How can communication play a role in creating intrapreneurship?   • How can company culture play a role in sustaining intrapreneurship?   1. Read the following articles:  o Antoncic, J., & Antoncic, B. (2011). Employee satisfaction, intrapreneurship and firm growth: a model. Industrial Management and Data Systems, 111(4), 589-607.  o Esley, D. T., & Longenecker, C. O. (2006). Gateways to Intrapreneurship. Industrial Management, 48(1), 18-23. Assignment Objectives  Distinguish between the thought process and mindset of successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs   Describe the dynamics of unleashing innovation and creativity

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